Who is a SilverTrekker?

  • Are you interested in living fully – today?
  • Do you want more life in your life?
  • Are you retired but uncertain what to do now?
  • Do you ever ask yourself, “is that all there is?”

Then you, my friend, are a SilverTrekker.

 In 2012 David and I began our lives as SilverTrekkers. We were burned out and uninspired. It was time for a road trip. We rented our house, packed up our 1999 Ford Explorer and headed south. And east. And further east. Then west. Then even further east, across the pond.

At the end of a year ping-ponging around the world, we returned to sell our home, store our belongings and dedicate ourselves full time to living fully. We’re sharing our triumphs and tragedies, our strategies and resources, to inspire you to start living fully – today.

We’re all old enough to know better.

Couple looks at hanging glacier and waterfalls in Quelat, Chile.
Ventisquero Colgant, Parque Nactional Queulat, Chile. 2017.

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